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PROFONDIS REQUIEM “Divine Nocturnal Torments” Demo ’06 (Fra – Awesome depressive black metal) 130 B.- / $5
PROLETAR “Physical and Mental Torture” Cass-EP ’05 (Indo – Intense old-school politically-fueled grindcore) 160 B.- / $5
PROMISCUITY “Infernal Rock n’ Roll” Demo ’11 (Isr – Vicious old-school black/speed metal in the vein of ancient Hellhammer, Venom & Bathory) @ TripleSix
New! QASSAM “Shyathan Akhbar!” Mini-album tape ’13 (Hun – Elite war speed metal destruction & desekration, mainly influenced by old Brazilian/South American hordes) 160 B.- / $5
New! RAMMER “Incinerator” Re-released demo ’04 [+ 3 live bonus tracks] (Can – A catchy nice burning hot mix between some old NWOBHM vibes and thrashing metal the old way!) 160 B.- / $5
New! REGRESSIVE / GATEKRASHOR “Graveyard Assault” Split tape ’10 (Lithuania/Can – Speed/black ‘n’ roll metal, Speed metal) 160 B.- / $5
New! RIGID HORNS “Triumph of Pan” Demo ’08 (Fin – Stunning atmospheric, synth heavy black metal about the nightside of nature & freedom of spirit) 130 B.- / $5
New! ROSSOMAHAAR “Imperium Tenebrarum” Album Tape vers. ’01 [+ 1 live bonus track] (Rus – Symphonic black metal) 160 B.- / $5
RUINS “Baptised in The Name of Satan” Demo ’06 (Ger – Black/thrash metal) 130 B.- / $5
SABBAT “Darkness And Evil Over Barcelona” Live tape ’12 (Jap – Live recording of the Barcelona [Spain] gig that Japanese Sabbat played back on their 2008 European tour, on black pro-tape! A total must have for every Sabbat and true black metal worshipper out there!) 260 B.- / $8
New! SARITAP “Sorcerers of the Seven Gods” Re-released demo ’15 (Bul – Hypnotic, ritual-like primitive black metal) 200 B.- / $6
New! SATANIC PROPHETS “Odio, Guerra & Supremacia” Demo ’03 (Bra – Raw Satanic black metal) 160 B.- / $5
SERPENTFYRE “Of Darkness & True Light” Demo ’13 (Fin – Dedicated and skillfully composed black metal with a raw but detailed sound. Traditional, yet very original) 160 B.- / $5
New! SERVANT “Demo I” Demo ’17 (USA. – Black metal from the deepest tartarean pits influenced by Grand Belial’s Key, Profanatica, Rotting Christ & Mortuary Drape) 200 B.- / $6
SHADOWS GROUND “First Fucking Crime” Demo tape ’05 (Ukr – Talented Ukrainian primitive black metal horde. Pure hatred and evil inspired by mighty Darkthrone) 130 B.- / $5
New! SIGILLUM MALEFICAE “Demo 2008” Tape ’17 (Gre – Killer black metal with Embrace Of Thorns & Burial Hordes members, that evokes the spirit of legends like Abhorer, Samael, Ancient Rites & Beherit. The unholy duo decided to unearth this recording and give it a wider yet still selective distribution now) 200 B.- / $6
SILENT DOMINION / MORBID FOG “Defending The Ancient Spirit” Split tape ’13 (Both Gre – Pure Hellenic one-man black metal creations) 130 B.- / $5
New! SILVA NIGRA “Cerny Kult” Album Tape vers. ’05 (Cze – Raw unholy black metal) 160 B.- / $5
SILVA NIGRA “Chlad Noci” Album tape ’02 (Cze – Debut album of raw unholy black metal in old Darkthrone’s vein) 130 B.- / $5
SIRIN “Moja Otcina/My Fatherland” Album Tape vers. ’10 (Slovakia – Folk pagan black metal) 160 B.- / $5
SLEJPNIR / KOZMIK KRYPT “Funeral Of Morality” Split tape ’05 (Both Gre – Raw black metal torment & domination!) 130 B.- / $5
SPUOLUS / MARE FRIGORIS Split tape ’13 (Both Hun – Atmospheric black/doom metal, Cosmic dark ambient) 200 B.- / $6
SS-18 “Voices of Funeral” Cass-EP ’10 (Rus – Industrialized black metal) 160 B.- / $5
New! STERBENDES LICHT “Kalter einsamer Suizid” Album Tape vers. ’15 (Ger – Depressive black metal) 160 B.- / $5
STORM DARK “Behind the Witchcraft” Tape ’15 (Chi – Compilation of the two demos for this great Chilean black metal band, existed since ’98) 130 B.- / $5
New! TEMNOHOR “Do ponurych smrecin hmla sa zakrada” Demo ’05 (Slovakia – Raw, dark black metal with malicious atmosphere) 160 B.- / $5
TEMPLE OF SHADES “Primordial Necromancy” Demo ’13 (Pol – Hypnotic occult black metal with atmosphere of early recordings from bands like Varathron, Mortuary Drape & Heptameron) 160 B.- / $5
THE ARRIVAL OF SATAN “Darkness Dealer” Album Tape vers. ’09 (Fra – Raw black metal. A side project of Blacklodge’s vocalist) 130 B.- / $5
THE TRUE ENDLESS “In The Swamp Of Camodeia” Tape ’11 (Ita – Collects three separate sessions of this Italian black metal horde; In The Swamp, Taurus Live Ritual & La Chiesaccia rehearsal) 130 B.- / $5
New! THE TRUE ENDLESS “Live at Barrio’s Club – Milano-Italy” Live tape ’11 (Ita – Raw black metal) 160 B.- / $5
New! TORMENTIUM “Bound To The Depths” Album tape ’16 (USA. – An unforgiving opus of 8 songs delivering some of the Pacific Northwest’s most haunting and violent black metal. Comes with a lyrics-poster) 200 B.- / $6
New! TOTAL DESASTRE “Tropas da Morte” Re-released demo ’11 (Bra – Killer thrash/death metal with monstrous female vocals) 160 B.- / $5
TRENCHROT “Dragged Down to Hell” Demo ’13 (USA. – Killer death metal in the old-school style with the thrashiness intact) 160 B.- / $5
UTU LAUTTURI / 45:KO / FACES OF BELMEZ “Arcane Pyres” 3-way Split tape ’14 (All Fin – The long one hour running time of amazing quality Ritual music & Dark ambient for every Electronic music freak!) 160 B.- / $5
V/A “Unholy Black Fucking Metal – Italic underground tribute to the Darkthrone” Tape ’11 (9 Italian bands coming from the darkest underground pay their tribute to the Norwegian gods of black metal, the mighty Darkthrone! Feat. Primitivum, Vmbra Mortis, Gosforth, The True Endless, Buxen and Deathrow, just to name a few) 130 B.- / $5
V/A “Voyeurs of Modern Decay” Tape ’14 (Made in Finland – Side A holds a total of fifteen minutes of fierce power electronics and destructive harsh noise delivered by Unclean, Whiteswan & Edge Of Decay. Side B holds one 15-minute song of more controlled and even hypnotic harsh noise by Kritikal Overload) 160 B.- / $5
V/A BESTIAL NECROMANCY Compilation tape Vol.1/2007 (Made in Greece -18 bestial black/death hymns of total goat worship feat. Sargatanas, Necroccultus, Blaspherian, Grave Desecrator, Tyrants Blood, Nocturnal Graves, Amok, Blasphemophagher, Dead To This World, Almighty Sathanas, Nekysia, Black Torment, Crucifiction, Nocturnal Vomit, Hekseri, Nerkroth, Istidraj & Godemiche) 160 B.- / $5
V/A BLACK HEARTS IN THE NORTH Compilation tape (Made in France / feat. French black metal acts only. Very good & interesting hordes are as follows: Balaam, Eithel Sirion, Excruciate 666, Fera, Peurs Ancestrales, Fjallstorm, Nirnaeth, Lord, DunkelNacht, Vucum Came, Electronically Lost & Nurn) 130 B.- / $5
V/A LAHTI METAL INQUISITION Compilation tape (Made in Finland / feat. very raw and great blasphemous rites from Lahti, Finland such as Evil Angel, Sacrificial Dagger, Exordium, Neutron Hammer, Goatsodomy, Evoked Curse, Satanic Torment, Slugathor, etc.!) 130 B.- / $5
VALIUM “Scars from Different Times” Tape ’08 [Contains recordings from 2004-2007] (Bra – Suicidal dark metal. Slow (un)emotional dark and raw melodies blessing the death while opening the veins of life) @ TripleSix
VASSAGO “Never Turns Back…” Demo ’99 (Tur – Good obscure doom/death metal with melancholic melodies & sadness) 130 B.- / $5
VELM “Foldek” Album tape ’13 (Hun – Atmospheric black metal) 160 B.- / $5
New! VENUS TORMENT “Darkest Hallucinations” Tape ’15 (Chi – 17 tracks of Total lethal death/thrash/heavy metal by the vocalist/axeman of Ripper) 160 B.- / $5
VERDERBEN “Anti/Mensch” Demo ’08 (Ger – Misanthropic cold and life-denying black metal) 130 B.- / $5
New! VICTIMIZER “5 Years of Violence and Skullcrushing” Tape ’05 [Compilation of 2 demos, 7″ EP & exclusive bonus cover song] (Den – Dirty, raw and unholy speed/thrash metal) 160 B.- / $5
New! VINTERTHRON “Reign Ov Opposites” Album Tape vers. ’12 (Bra – Raw and unprogressive Orthodox black metal) 200 B.- / $6
VOKODLOK / BLOODY HARVEST “Unchain The Wolf / …From The Bibel” Split tape ’01 (Rom/Ger – Great Eastern European raw black metal, Anti-religious raw black metal) 130 B.- / $5
New! VRYKOLAKAS “Unleashing Vrykolakas Upon Mankind” Album tape ’11 (Sin – The second album of Sadistic and impure dark brutal old-school death metal) 160 B.- / $5
VULTURINE “The Signs Engraved in the Harshclouds” Demo ’06 (Bra – Black metal against mankind and represents darkness instead weak human ego scene circus) @ TripleSix
VULTURINE / TRONO “Antigos Ritos da Neblina e da Lua Cheia” Split tape ’11 (Both Bra – Black metal to worship the anti-life forces of darkness, Another Brazilian powerful black metal legacy. Don’t expect the 80’s South American sound from this split! Comes with special glossy tape case) @ TripleSix
WELTSCHMERZ “Cry For War” Tape edition in ’10 of the EP CD-R ’09 (Hol – Harsh, angry black metal in the Norwegian style. Limited to 66 copies) 200 B.- / $6
WINGS OF WAR “Battle Hymn” Cass-EP ’07 (Pol – Raw thrash/black metal. Side project of Moontower/Selbstmord) 110 B.- / $4
WINGS OF WAR “Prepare for War” Cass-EP ’09 (Pol – Raw thrash/black metal. Side project of Moontower/Selbstmord) 110 B.- / $4
WITCHER “Nema Gyasz” Cass-EP ’12 (Hun – Atmospheric black metal from the deep Hungarian forests) 130 B.- / $5
WOODSPIRIT “Deepening To Neverending Darkness” Demo ’10 (Hun – Ambiental spiritual black art made by only one instrument, inspired by nihilism, emptiness and real inner darkness) 200 B.- / $6