May 5, 2019


Out now on tape! ROTTEN MALEFICE’s mandatory selection of songs from previous works and blistering live attacks, entitled “El Patio III”.
Check out this compilation offering from the intriguing obscure, putrid and untamed South American death metal unit, click on ‘RELEASES’ for more info!


April 5, 2019


Attention! Our old releases: DAEMONLORD “Of War and Hate” pro-tape and ATTACKER BLOODY AXE “Antichristian Metal Axe” pro-tape are down to the last remaining copies now, so hurry up before they’re gone forever!
As for our promised newly increasing list of distro items, we’ve tried to get it done and updated as soon as the circumstances reasonably permit. So sorry for the numerous delays!


December 30, 2018


ET VERBI SATHANUS’s first full-length genocide “Satanae Pater Sanguinariv”. Out now on tape via Slava Productions!
The end of the year marks the long-awaited tape release from the infamous bestial black/death metal horde coming out of Chile named ET VERBI SATHANUS. Their ferocious debut album first blasphemed in 2013 has been finally unearthed to continue fueling our tape addiction!
Check ‘RELEASES’ section for more info on this release.


July 13, 2018


As promised, our website is now mobile responsive. And that is as it should be for the sake of today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world. And there will be another means of communication to follow soon, so stay tuned!
By the way, we still haven’t emailed to all metal allies to inform about this website yet due to our busy schedule. Once everything is ready, you will be notified.


June 23, 2018


SLAVA PRODUCTIONS website has been finally unveiled in the abyss ground!


Also we have 2 new tape releases out (see below) and a huge update of distro items!
(Latest additions include tape titles from bands such as Abate Macabro, Abatuar, Afflictis Lentae, Aggressive Mutilator, Belliciste, Black Shepherd, Brodequin, Butcher ABC, Coffin Dust, Dead Conspiracy, Denouncement Pyre, Descarga Nociva, Dominus Ira, Embalmed, Funeralium, Gravewards, Istidraj, Korgonthurus, Korium, Lapida, Morbosatan, Moshingun, Nocturnal Vomit, Pathogen, Pentacle, Silva Nigra, The True Endless, Venus Torment, Victimizer and many more! Some CD titles from Agathocles, Age Of Agony, Argus Megere, Bombarder, Deathfucker, Evil Incarnate, Fjorsvartnir, Instinct, Mandrosys, Nocturnal Vomit, Omenfilth, Ordo Caper, Velm, Ysengrin, etc. as well as a bunch of CD-R’s and 7″ EP’s! And for your inner bookworm, there are some good ‘zines recently thrown in there as well!)

** New release announcement **

SVP 036 – NOX “Manifestaciones de la Eterna Noche” Cassette album ’15 [Pro-tape]
Cold and primal black metal from Colombia
SVP 038 – BLACK PEST “P.E.S.T. XIV” Cassette EP ’15 [Pro-tape]
Dark, unrelenting and unrepentant old-school black/thrash metal from Chile
Check ‘RELEASES’ section for details.


Old posts are below :
December, 2017  This website is still currently in development whenever it is totally finished and officially launched, an email will be sent to all contacts we have // Meanwhile, we still don’t have time to make this website mobile friendly. It will be done surely after the website is completed. So right now, please view it on desktop or laptop computer for displaying full content (every link/page will be accessible, etc.). Sorry for the inconvenience.


Latest – 06/12/2017 :
– Some T-shirts have been added to ‘Misc.’ section. ALSO there are a few Second-hand T-shirts added to ‘Second-hand T-shirts’ part there (just scroll down to the bottom, as this part was sectioned separately).


05/08/2017 :
– Some interesting, classic titles have been added to ‘Second-hand tapes’ in ‘Misc.’ section. And that’s all for the moment.


01/08/2017 :
– Some more titles have been added to ‘Second-hand CD’s’ in ‘Misc.’ section. And that’s all for the moment.
– Some ‘Second-hand tapes’ will be added to that section soon too.


11/04/2017 :
– Some killer titles have been added to ‘Second-hand CD’s’ in ‘Misc.’ section. We will add few more soon.
– Also some rip-off bastards (even more dangerous ones) will be finally revealed in our List soon. So those fuckers who still owe us your part of the trade or money, you know what you should do!!!