SVP 002 (Pro-tape) DAEMONLORD (Spa)

“The End Of The Era” Demo tape ’03 (Re-released limited hand# 333 w/ different cover artwork/layout! Sold Out)

SVP 003 (Tape w/ stickers) THRASHIFICE

“Bang your head for Satan” Compilation tape (90 minutes of total Hellbanging holocaust from almost 30 old-school thrash / thrash-influenced metal bands of the underground scene such as Skitzo, Hirax, Toxic Holocaust [USA], Nocturnal, Witchburner [Ger], Barbatos, Cut Throat, Fastkill [Jap], Farscape [Bra], Raped God, Profanator [Mex], Beast Petrify [Sin], Tandus, Zubirun [Mal], Incinerator [Swe], Solitary [UK], The No-Mads [Pol], Incriminated, Wounds [Fin] and many more! Cover artwork by Nuklear Cath of Leather n’ Spike ‘zine! Limited hand# 500! Still Available) 210 B.- / $6

SVP 004 (Pro-tape) NECROSLAUGHTER (Ger/Pol)

“Sacrifice To Satan” (Tape vers. of the 7″ EP plus a BEHERIT cover as bonus! Limited hand# 366! Totally rapid Satanic blackened deathrash metal! Sold Out)

SVP 005 (Pro-tape) KORIHOR / ABIGAIL (Phi/Jap)

“Alkoholik Metal Blasphemers” Split tape ’03 (Cassette tape format of cult split! Official release! Limited hand# 500 w/ different cover layout! The same front cover artwork that’s C. Moyen’s! Sold Out)

SVP – (Embroidered patch) KORIHOR (Phi)

Patch (Official great quality patch, limited to 100 pieces only! Size: 10.8 Cm x 9.9 Cm (h x w). Badge logo-white, logo-red, text-red on back background. Sold Out)

SVP 006 (Pro-tape) DAEMONLORD (Spa)

“Of War and Hate” Cassette album ’04 (Cassette tape format of Spanish black hateful metal band’s second album! More blackened & evil! Official release! Limited hand# 366 w/ different cover artwork/layout! Sold Out)

SVP 007 (Pro-tape) CONJURATION (Fin)

“Demo I” (Official tape vers. of the demo CD-R ’04 plus a track from split w/ Full Moon Lycanthropy as bonus w/ extra cover artwork. Limited hand# 366! Old-school Horror heavy metal cult! featuring member of Incriminated! Sold Out)


“…Instar Gladii in Corporem Christi” CD album ’04 (Christ-assaulting debut full-length album from these Italy’s old-school black metal maniacs, after their brilliant demo tape! A must for all old-metal worshippers! Only hand# 500 made! Sold Out)

SVP 009 (Pro-tape) NOCTURNAL VOMIT (Gre)

“Death will not be swift” Demo tape ’04 (Official second demon onslaught of this old-school Hellenic death metal massacre! 5 infernal hymns, plus intro + outro, of pure Satanic death metal, the ancient way! Limited hand# 500! Sold Out)

SVP 010 (Pro-tape) DISFLESH (Spa)

“Warmaggeddon” (Debut demo tape ’04, a split label release of Slava Prods. with Wolf Records (Spa). War-glorificating black/thrash metal with the touch of old-school crust/punk! Total thrashing extreme war crustmetal! featuring MG15, Wretched and Bathory covers! Limited hand# 366! Last copies) 210 B.- / $6

SVP 011 (Pro-tape) HEPTAMERON (Gre)

“Blessed be the name of the Dragon” Re-released demo tape (Reissue of the unholy cult debut demo ’03 from this raw old-school Vampiric and Satanic black metal desecrator! 5 grim recording of real primitive, dark and heavy mid-tempo necrokill black metal into Nordic tradition, including a Darkthrone cover! Plus a rehearsal bonus track for this limited hand# 366 w/ different cover artwork/layout! Sold Out)

SVP 012 (Tape w/ stickers) WARMONGER (Ita)

“Marching on the Warpath” Cassette EP ’05 (The official tape version of the self-released MCD ’02 of total Italian commando thrash attack with influences ranging from Whiplash, Sodom, Destruction & Kreator! Fuckin’ true 80’s T.H.R.A.S.H. metal like it was in the good old times! Plus 4 live bonus tracks including Ramones and Sodom covers! Comes with different artwork/layout exclusively! Cover artwork by Igor Mugerza of Abigor Artwork! Full-coloured cover and limited hand# 500! Still Available) 210 B.- / $6

SVP 013 (Tape w/ stickers) SABBATICAL RITES (Gre)

“The Destruction” Demo tape ’05 (The long-awaited morbid and dirty blasphemous black metal demo(n) and firmly the second spit to Christ’s face by this infamous horde! Totally dark and obscure possessed black crushing metal from Hellas’s deepest underground! Also including 2 tracks from their debut demo tape! Raw, malignant and old-school stuff for the ancient death/black metallers! Cover artwork by Jerasak C. of Infernal Demon ‘zine! Limited hand# 500! Still Available) 210 B.- / $6

SVP 014 (Pro-tape) DEPRESSION / MESRINE (Ger/Can)

“Die toten Tage kommen…” Split tape ’04 (Cassette tape format of the split LP/CD album of Cult German old-school groovy death metal/grind that stay fast, heavy and brutal since 1989 meets Nasty, dirty-sounding, old-school Canadian brutalized grindcore/gore metal executed with inspiration from those (in)famous serial killers! Comes w/ pro-printed foldable A4 cover and limited hand# 400! Sold Out)


“Holocaustik Metal Sexxxekution Whoreslaughters” 3-way Split CD ’07 (Feel the infernal black thrashing wrath from these ones of the most competent and seriously long-standing blasphemous metal attacks out of the mighty & still true Asian scene! Mostly exclusive materials from the bands! This strike is definitely pure hell for all holy bitches!! Full-coloured cover and limited hand# 666! Sold Out)

SVP 016 (Tape w/ stickers) DEPRESSION (Ger)

“Das Relikt” Cassette album ’05 (The official tape version of the 15th-anniversary-album from this German cult death/grind band that exist since ’89! Contains all 22 songs from “Erinnerungen” Demo tape ’95, which were newly re-recorded in the studio in ’05, plus 2 bonus songs! Comes with new artwork/layout! Full-coloured cover and limited hand# 500! Still Available) 210 B.- / $6

SVP 017 (Tape w/ stickers) THE TRUE ENDLESS (Ita)

“Wings of Wrath” Cassette album ’05 (The official tape version of this raw and primitive Italian black metal horde’s well-acclaimed first CD album ’03, bringing its 12 original tracks including some rehearsal/cover songs, plus 3 more live bonus tracks exclusively for this release! Comes with total different cover artwork/layout! Limited hand# 500! Still Available) 210 B.- / $6

SVP 018 (Tape w/ stickers) BULLET (Swe)

“Speeding in the Night” Cassette EP ’05 (The official tape version of the very well-received MCD ’03 of this great Swedish heavy metal band in the style of 80’s heroes like Judas Priest, AC/DC & Accept! Totally a killer stuff for true fans who like it on the real heavy and traditional way! One of the best bands out there for this niche of the genre! Full-coloured cover and limited hand# 500! Still Available) 210 B.- / $6

SVP 019 (Pro-tape) DENIM AND LEATHER (Bra)

“Set the Spirit Free” Discography tape ’06 (Great Brazilian traditional heavy metal established since ’98, inspired and influenced primarily by the NWOBHM movement! Contains altogether 15 songs, and between them cool cover songs of classic bands like Motorhead, Saxon, Tygers Of Pan Tang and Witchfinder General! This is pure, raw and just fucking honest heavy metal for every serious headbanger and leather maniac! Full-coloured cover and limited hand# 500! Still Available) 210 B.- / $6

SVP 020 (Pro-tape) INCRIMINATED (Fin)

“Orgy Of The Perverted” Tape ’05 (Compilation of essential necro-materials from the past 7″ EP, split 7″ EP & split CD of this primitive, old-school thrashing black/death metal cult! Their official release, limited hand# 500! Sold Out)

SVP 021 (Pro-tape) TUDOR (Cze)

“Antikrist-The Best Of Tudor” Tape ’06 (Forged into this great tape, 10 ancient cult compositions taken from the rare demo & album recordings, including an unreleased live hymn during the devil’s career of this one of the true cult bands from the obscure East European underground, installed in ’87! This long-standing, widely respected Czechoslovakian underground gods has been well deserved and well received for their such original late 80’s/early 90’s East-Euro black thrash metal sound! Full-coloured cover and limited hand# 500! Sold Out)

SVP 022 (Pro-tape) NOCTURNAL (Ger)

“Arrival Of The Carnivore” (Official tape version of the awesome debut CD/LP album ’04 from these unholy thrashers has been finally unleashed after a very long delay! Plus a bonus track, which is not available on the CD vers. This release is especially for 80’s Teutonic thrash fans of Kreator & Destruction! Full-coloured cover w/ different cover layout and limited hand# 500! Sold Out)

SVP 023 (Pro-tape) THRONE OF THE FALLEN (Per)

“s/t” Cassette EP ’09 (Tape version of the 7″ EP for all the tape maniacs. This vicious desecration hailing from Peru with truly obscure, dark and unholy 4 spears in the wounds of Christ. Expect nothing but primitive black metal with old-school influences. For fans of early black metal and mid 80’s thrash metal! Comes w/ foldable A4 cover and limited hand# 333! Still Available) 210 B.- / $6

SVP 024 (Pro-CD) TUDOR (Cze)

“Bloody Mary” CD album (TUDOR’s 1992 classic opus is finally released on CD for the first time ever in late ’09! The legendary black thrashers, TUDOR that together with MASTER’S HAMMER, TORR, ROOT and others created the Czech metal history. Those of you who missed out on the original pro-done tape from those days are now in luck to get the CD version with the addition of 2 bonus tracks! Full-coloured 8-page booklet w/ total different cover artwork/layout. Still Available) 280 B.- / $8


“Visionaries of Valiant Vagaries ” 4-way Split CD ’10 (4 superior Visionaries straight from the underground breeding their Vagaries on this outstanding black metal opus in 8 Valiant compositions full of nature, depression & gloom… Over 60 minutes of supreme misanthropic art storming from Italy & Germany. The CD is presented in a DVD case and comes w/ 4-page booklet, poster + all these 4 bands’ cloth patches! If you’re into this ravishing black metal style, don’t hesitate to check this great meeting under a pagan fullmoon of German & Italian depressive black metal VS German & Italian pagan black metal! Total solitude! Fuck most, Hails to the few! Still Available) 320 B.- / $9

SVP 026 (Pro-tape) MORBID FUNERAL (Costa Rica)

“Dead I am” Tape ’10 (A tasty, pearly tape release for maniacs into rare, exotic u/g stuff. Contains altogether 11 Satan-hailing anthems of old-school, poisonous, dirty, full of hatred Satanic black metal with some their personal ideas like melodic touches and classic 80’s heavy metal riffs. Such infernal offering of hypnotic raw black metal were picked out from their 4 full-length albums that have been mocking the Christian Doctrine so far. This tape is for those who are still looking for obscure sounds and are devoted to pure darkness! Limited hand# 366! Still Available) 210 B.- / $6

SVP 027 (Pro-tape) GOAT TYRANT (Pol)

“Thy Summoning of Three Demonic Rituals” Tape ’10 (Diabolic compilation of 3 demo tapes from this killer ancient death/black metal attack, influenced by old cult hordes like Bathory, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Treblinka, Merciless & Vulcano! Over 50 minutes of fast, evil and brutal holocaustic unholy metal for Satan! Raw and thrashing until death! This is imperative for all votaries of Goatworship ritual metal disaster! Limited hand# 333! Sold Out)


“The Last Exhalation Before The End” Split CD ’10 (After many delays and endless wait, the blasphemous sp(l)it on human values and beliefs has been come out! The first 9 tracks were taken from the amazing debut album tape ’08 of Nocturnal Amentia Orden! You can find brutal & destructive voices of Chaos which freeze and kill the poor fucking human souls! Their attack aimed for those humans who have fallen down into the ocean bottom of their nightmares in despair before the inevitability! While Black Grave performs 9 tracks of hateful and crushing black metal a bit influenced by Satanic Warmaster & Verivala. Their part features the long sold out demo tapes from ’07 & ’05, not remastered to keep the pure raw aesthetic! The result is a killer split for experienced black metal fans only, not for the faint of heart! Nothing’s sacred anymore, you fucking morons! Take your last breath!! Still Available) 280 B.- / $8


“Rape Their Souls With Black Metal Wrath” 3-way Split Digipak CD ’11 (Abhorrent abysmal hymns from 3 black metal-possessed hordes. Evil Wrath strikes with 4 new exclusive tracks. More than 20 minutes of intense and brutal raw anti-human black metal mixed with some old-school death & thrash influences, making this the most blasphemous, destructive and hateful Evil Wrath recording to date. The True Endless presents 4 killer raw black metal rehearsal tracks, captured to celebrate the day 6/6/2006 e.v. All songs have been totally composed and engraved in that mystical night for this rehearsal only and have never been re-recorded or re-released. And last, new blasphemous gathering of psalms from this infamous morbid misanthropic black metallers, Gromm. Obscurant musick illuminated with anti-cosmic light. Released as a great full-coloured digipak CD, including 12-page booklet w/ all lyrics, etc.! Still Available) 320 B.- / $9

SVP 030 (Pro-tape) MOLOCH (Ukr)

“A Journey to the Vyrdin” Cassette album (Released in ’11, the Asian tape edition of the CD album ’08 of this raw depressive black metal from the Ukrainian underground. Moloch is rather well-known to depressive black metal/dark ambient followers for such raw atmospheric Nordic-influenced style with a very personal touch. Like a poison of early Burzum, I Shalt Become & Striborg that fans of this genre shouldn’t miss. This album is quite successful output and best describes an atmosphere of all 9 worlds from Scandinavian Mythology. This is difficult to understand Vyrdin. The concepts of time and space are meaningless. Away from our world to somewhere that the source of life reflects the light of the black moon, and the faceless shadow ever wanders in search of depression. New front cover artwork/layout for this Thai tape version. Limited hand# 366! Still Available) 210 B.- / $6

SVP 031 (Pro-tape) ATTACKER BLOODY AXE (Chi)

“Antichristian Metal Axe” Cassette album ’11 (Official tape version of the debut CD album ’10 from this very promising thrash out of Chile. These maniacs hammer out a killer assault of merciless South American thrash metal the way it should be – old-school, dirty, rapid, violent and dark! Our SVP version contains different cover artwork, lyrics and even better the whole demo ’08 as well as 3 extra live songs are included as bonus tracks! Total pro-done tape and strictly limited to 366 hand-numbered copies! This is for all Headbangers into ancient Destruction, Kreator, Deathrow & Destroyer 666! Definitely not part of the “fun-party thrash” movement of the last decade! Support the real Antichristian Suramerican Terrorism or die! Sold Out)

SVP – (T-shirt) FORNACE (Ita)

“Pregnant is the Night” T-shirt [Size L & XL] (The good quality T-shirt is made from 100% black cotton and sports full album cover [PRG version] as front color motive w/ white logo & album title, while the back says ‘I was here before you arrived. I will be here when you are not’. Nice design and limited to 30 pieces! XL —> Still Available, L —> Last one left!) 400 B.- / $12 *** Every orderer / trader will receive a self-compiled CD-R of their Demos from ’08, ’04 & ’02. A total of 15 tracks with a self-made cover + track listing ***
(Size: XL = Chest 42″, Length 30″. L = 38″, 28.5″)
**Click to see design**
**Click to see picture**

SVP 032 (Pro-tape) ACID DEATHTRIP (Hol)

“s/t” Cassette EP ’14 (Official tape version of the well-received debut 12″ vinyl EP ’13 from this Dutch unholy doom ‘n’ roll monster! 6 songs of drug-fuelled, doom-soaked rock and roll filth! Any sleazy fuck into the filthy depths of bands like Saint Vitus, Orange Goblin & Herder, this furious rave-up of sludge, doom, downtuned rock ‘n’ roll & good old heavy metal is ready for you. This limited pro-tape will provide a perfect soundtrack to slam loads of beer and devastate your living room more or less! Still Available) 240 B.- / $7

SVP 033 (Digipak CD) WITCHTIGER (Fin)

“Warlords of Destruction (2004-2014) ” Digipak CD ’14 (After 10 years since the mystical formation, the formidable u/g Finnish entity called Witchtiger, which features members of Evoked Curse, Slugathor & Evil Angel, has compiled an album that is filled with some of their best music written so far. 14 songs of great doom-influenced traditional heavy metal for the soulful maniacs into classic bands such as Black Sabbath, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Manilla Road & Pagan Altar! Comes as a limited edition digipak CD plus an insert, hand-numbered to 666 copies and includes a previously unreleased song recorded exclusively for this release as well! Still Available) 320 B.- / $9

SVP 034 (Pro-tape) AGONIA CATARTICA (Per)

“Drama” Cassette album ’14 (The first full-length album by this uncommon Peruvian raw, hurtful and disturbing black metal band on tape format. Utterly dark, pessimistic and doomy depressing music is what Agonia Catartica will poison this feeble mankind. Forget most of the trendy DSBM bands with tempos that are very-super-painfully slow and sleepy, this is intense, depressive and miserable black metal with their 5 cold razors’ wrist-slitting speed varies from slow, mid to fast! For maniacs of depressive suicidal black metal and raw black metal exclusively! Fans of Abyssic Hate, Bethlehem & Silencer take note! Comes with full-coloured cover and strictly limited to 133 hand-numbered copies! Still Available) 240 B.- / $7


“Patagonia” CD ’15 (The death rides on the Patagonian wind! An ultimate compilation containing all the recordings by this BERSERKER BLACK METAL masters from the cold south of Argentina. Pure Patagonian Evil emerging from the depths of the glaciers. Morbid, lustful and filthy black metal with a crust/doom veil for the followers of old Mortuary Drape, Nerorgasmo, Root, old Samael & Hellhammer. A fist of fury in the face of the poser faggot scene of nowadays! METAL ARGENTINO! A total of 33 sordid tracks, two of which are previously unreleased, puked on exquisite gold-surfaced CD and comes with full-coloured cover, plus an A4 folded double-sided lyric sheet! Limited edition of 666 hand-numbered copies! Still Available) 280 B.- / $8

SVP 039 (Pro-tape) OMENFILTH (Phi)

“Opus Sanguinarium” Cassette album ’16 (Entwined by unrelenting soul from one of the most triumphant long-killing abhorrent assaults out of the Philippines, namely Pathogen, this time this UNholy land has a new spawn, Omenfilth! Obnoxiously raging, violent and malicious heritage obsessed black metal from the deepest, darkest trenches with the lust for old-school metal, executing in the majestic spirit of ancient Greek and Swiss torchbearers like Rotting Christ, Varathron and Samael, a path less taken! The time has come for their debut full-length offering deservedly to be heard on another format. So it’s available now on commendable pro-tape, limited to only 113 hand-numbered copies! For those who crave for unearthing exciting, obscure hellish sounds from thy Southeast Asian underground, this is an album not to be missed! Sold Out)

SVP 036 (Pro-tape) NOX (Col)

“Manifestaciones de la EternaNoche” Cassette album ’15 (The darkness of the night attacks the celestial light with 9 acts of cold and primal black metal in the ancient vein. Unholy evocation of the universe forces canalized by nocturnal sulfurous emanations of melancholy, hate and misanthropy that strikes directly in Nazarene face! Brilliant classic black metal for followers of Darkthrone, Armagedda & Vargsang! Limited tape version out now! Only 113 units were made as black pro-tapes, hand-numbered and come with different cover artwork/layout! Sold Out)

SVP 038 (Pro-tape) BLACK PEST (Chi)
“P.E.S.T. XIV” Cassette EP ’15 (A surprisingly awesome debut opus by this ultra-obscure malicious pesterer from the abyssal Chilean scene. 7 tunes of dark, unrelenting and unrepentant old-school black/thrash metal ritual with influences from the 80’s thrash metal era as well as great hordes like old Bathory & Destroyer 666! Highly recommended for every underground activist seriously involved in black and thrash metal with a thirst to discover unknown, emerging black filth with true quality! Strictly limited to 113 hand-numbered copies on gray pro-tapes. So get your copy before it’s gone into the immense and harrowing eternity! Sold Out)

SVP 037 (Pro-tape) ET VERBI SATHANUS (Chi)
“Satanae Pater Sanguinariv” Cassette album ’16 (The utterly savage first full-length unholy cannonade initially unleashed in ’13 after a handful of demos and splits in the black death realm from this bestial black/death metal hecatomb, now gets the cassette manifestation through Slava Prods. This is the abyssal desecration of Suramerican metal under Satan’s mandate which pays homage to the extremely evil, raw and aggressive sound of hordes like Sarcofago, Abhorer, Archgoat, Bestial Warlust & Blasphemy! Strictly limited to 113 hand-numbered copies on pro-tape with new cover artwork / layout, along with a lyric sheet! Death and black metal devotees out of the dirtiest underground crypt should definitely get this to destroy your weak stereos!! Sold Out)

SVP 040 (Pro-tape) ROTTEN MALEFICE (Chi)
“El Patio III” Tape ’17 (An utterly dark, obscure and putrid Chilean fresh blood and preserver of old-school crushing death metal style, which has inclined to perpetuate a similar kind of violence and unrelenting extremity from their influential enormous acts such as Malevolent Creation, Sinister, Demilich & Old Funeral! A total of eight bodies were found within. Five of them were selected from their previous works, while the others were dangerously live attacks taken from two different rotten locations! Underground death metal enthusiasts and tape maniacs don’t miss! Total pro-done tape and strictly limited to 113 hand-numbered copies! Still Available) 240 B.- / $7

SVP 041 (Pro-tape) MINERVIUM (Ita)
“Eterno e Omega” Re-released demo tape ’18 (Reissue of the ultra-limited self-released debut effort by this mysterious grim outfit spawned out of southern Italy. Be prepared to be engulfed by 5 tracks of pure cold and atmospheric black metal transcendence, delivering an extremely well-put-together aural vortex, which is both melodic and aggressive, with great vocal work while poetically digging deep into paganism, ancient Roman cult & the eternal return theory. No trends, no synths here! Recommended for those who are lured into the darkest odours of bands such as Spite Extreme Wing, Movimento d’ Avanguardia Ermetico & Nevoa, as well as most of atmospheric black metal enthusiasts in general! Limited to only 100 hand-numbered copies on pro-tape with new cover artwork / layout! Still Available) 240 B.- / $7

SVP 043 (Pro-tape) EXPURGO (Bra)
“Deformed by Law” Cassette album ’19 (One of the sickest grindcore outfits to ever come out of Brazil, EXPURGO, has finally returned after the utterly convincing debut in 2010 with their most undeniably extreme and crushing work yet “Deformed by Law”, now as killer tape version! 27 vicious tracks of total intense, savage and raging old-school grindcore attack! This is an album that will cause you to experience the rush of adrenaline blasting through your veins from start to finish! Definitely not for trendy ears! This tape is simply a must-have for all true exponents of sick and intense grindcore, especially fans of Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Regurgitate, Dead Infection & Nasum! Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies only! So claim your copy right now, then get blown by this powerful mincing machine of destruction!! Sold Out)

SVP 044 (Pro-tape) DOUBLE HORSE (Spa)
“The Great Old Ones” Cassette album ’20 (Hailing from Spain comes this great newer doom band called Double Horse you may have never heard of before but need to try right now! Absolutely fantastic, stunning psychedelic stoner/doom metal with pounding heavy riffs and killer vocals as well as evil yet dark fictional lyrical content and atmosphere of the sound are what they showcased on this debut album! Followers of Black Sabbath & Electric Wizard, huge bands that these guys credit as their strong influences, will instantly appreciate this awesome noteworthy release! Now available on nice purple pro-tape in a limited run of 100 hand-numbered copies only! Don’t miss the chance to grab one for your gloomy enjoyment! Dim the lights, hit the play button and enjoy this 47-minute mind-blowing trip to the ether!! Still Available) 240 B.- / $7

SVP 042 (Pro-tape) OUTLAW (Bra)
“Look into my eyes and burn” Cassette album ’19 (An utterly secret, proficient heavy metal band from Contagem, Brazil, on the scene since 2008 and is all about the 80’s metal vibe and convention without regard to any trend. Obviously influenced by old metal gods such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Dokken, Rata Blanca & Manowar. Finally be fueled by Slava Prods. after years of being in obscurity! We’ve materialized their first spawn on mighty tape format now! This notably driven 7-song album showcases their style, which is characterized by an uncompromising loyalty to the old hard rock and heavy metal traditions. Great music genres that enrich our lives and stimulate our imaginations. Hopefully along with a good bottle of some intoxicating drink beside our gorgeous and highly affectionate one… This is pure, raw and genuinely heavy for every leather maniac who longs for classic old-school metal with a thirst to discover unknown, emerging bands with true quality! Presented on cobalt blue pro-tape, limited only to 113 hand-numbered copies and comes with 5-panel reversible tape cover featuring 2 front cover artworks created by 2 artists and the cover layout designed by yours truly! Still Available) 240 B.- / $7

SVP 045 (Pro-tape) SUNKEN (Den)
“Livslede” Cassette album ’20 (Absolutely great solid and immense second full-length opus by this intriguing black metal act from Denmark, SUNKEN after the phenomenal success of their debut album. Now with “Livslede” which even stands as one of the most extravagantly composed atmospheric black metal albums of the damn year 2020 as the band has constantly crafted and perfected their unique yet compelling sound entirely through the offering. Needless to say, this album is a unique appreciation of all things dark and beautiful in black metal music with topnotch production quality, which is sure to attract every desperate soul of this genre! Slava Prods. hereby couldn’t be more pleased to unleash this gem in a glorious tape format this time! Be sure to get in now to secure your copy, then prepare yourself to plunge into the deep dark undercurrents of the very essence of atmospheric black metal through this masterpiece! Available now on black pro-tape with silver imprinting, strictly limited to 100 hand-numbered copies! Still Available) 240 B.- / $7

SVP 047 (Pro-tape) HATEFILLED (Arg)
“Compilation 2017-2021” Tape ’22 (In the midst of tedious and nonsense garbage that are polluting the scene comes this promisingly one of the most ferocious and repulsive old-school goregrind from the putrid bowels of Argentina! As the name implies, this is truly some of the top-notch Regurgitate-indebted goregrind full of hate and insanity! And the sick mind behind it proves that the most chaotic and insane vomiting sound waves can be created from that wretched abyss single-handedly! This is a compilation of works by the band with almost 40 minutes of uncompromising grossness and crushing punishment for fans of Regurgitate, Dead Infection & Last Days Of Humanity or any fucking true goregrind in the serious gore way, to bloodily enjoy! Available now on nice blue pro-tape in a limited run of 113 hand-numbered copies only! Don’t miss the chance to snatch this up and blast it at maximum volume for your neighbour’s listening displeasure! Fuck humanity and life itself! Still Available) 240 B.- / $7

SVP 046 (Pro-tape) CAUSAM (Swi)
“Doomsday Rapture” Cassette album ’22 (A dense array of tight, melodic, exhilarating black metal greets the ear on this great debut album from Switzerland’s black metal horde Causam. “Doomsday Rapture” is a crisp and energetic experience, indulging in moods ranging from the melancholic to the heroic, as triumphalist as it is reflective. Aggression meets beauty across these 8 tracks of intense and immersive melodic black metal that also reaches for a broad emotive range as atmospheric as it is laden with well-crafted riffs, yet exemplifying the virtues of brevity by achieving in just over half an hour what many acts strive for across their entire careers, to the point that the album has received such an amazing reception out of the gate. This was possibly one of the most outstanding and breathtaking but overshadowed black metal releases of 2021 that came from a dark horse out of nowhere! Now available on pro-tape limited to 133 copies for all true black metal enthusiasts and tape maniacs out there as it really deserves your complete attention! This will captivate you from the very first note and grip your soul all the way to the very end, so don’t miss out! Still Available) 240 B.- / $7

SVP 048 (Pro-tape) PAGANFIRE (Phi)
“Of Deathblades and Bloodsoaked Paths…” Cassette album ’22 (The end of hellish 2022 finally brings us the physical unleashing of this worthy sophomore album from this great long-running and unbeatable old-school thrash metal congregation from the Philippines! 6 full tracks plus an instrumental intro and midtro for atmosphere bringing a total of 8 tracks of intense, raging and destructive poser-slaying thrash metal, representing the zenith of their career after more than 20 years dwelling in the deep underground with various demos, compilations, splits and one killer debut album. Just expect pure wrathful and thunderous metal mayhem that will ensnare allegiance from fans of Kreator, Dark Angel, Sadus and vicious 80’s death/thrash right here! Now gets the pro-tape treatment via Slava Prods. featuring cover artwork by Norman Trinidad of Trident Nation ‘zine (R.I.P.) and limited to just 100 hand-numbered copies, so don’t miss it! Support this highly active and competent band and keep melting people’s faces with real trend-crushing anti-poser METAL!! Still Available) 240 B.- / $7

SVP 049 (Pro-tape) DREAD WITCH (Den)
“Tower of the Severed Serpent” Cassette album ’23 (Like a funeral for a pagan deity, the debut album from Denmark’s Dread Witch marches forth in an achingly slow procession of doom laden riffs, as heavy as they are melancholic. Borrowing elements from sludge, the occultist bacchanalia of Electric Wizard, the aggressive revelry of post hardcore, the abrasive esoterica of Yob, and a small dose of death metal gravitas, “Tower of the Severed Serpent” is a diverse exploration in the topography of contemporary doom metal, unfurling itself in painfully incremental developments, anchored by proudly depressed tempos. Vocals veer from clean chants of ghostly ritualism to the aggressive immediacy of distorted punk barks, imbuing the surrounding panorama with a latent urgency, whilst drums stitch together the burden of droning chords with waves of crashing crescendos, pacing the music between intensity and considered rumination. The debut album from Dread Witch offers a considerable benchmark for doom metal at the midpoint of 2023, pushing at the expressive boundaries of the genre whilst remaining true to its accepted forms! Now available physically on pro-tape in a limited run of 113 hand-numbered copies only! This crushing work will not disappoint true fans of doom as well as doom/sludge metal! Be sure to grab a copy of this massive sounding doom album and blow your speakers with its dark, atmospheric and heavy music!! Still Available) 240 B.- / $7

SVP 050 (Pro-CD) DHISHTI (Lka)
“Life is Suffering” CD album ’23 (Slava Productions, in conspiracy with Georgian label Satanath Records as well as Chilean labels Australis Records and Tragedy Productions, is proud to present the long-awaited third full-length opus from Sri Lanka’s black metal horde Dhishti. This time offering a cathartic and stirring iteration of atmospheric/depressive black metal. Consisting of 7 tracks a decade in the making, “Life is Suffering” sees this Sri Lankan outfit explore the ancient belief in demonic possession as the cause of mental illness, and the occultist rituals of their oceanic island homeland in treating the afflicted. Musically they combine a striking melodic character with driving, mid-paced momentum, reaching for a work that is both aggressive and nuanced. Dhishti mesh their direct black metal tracts with elements of Sri Lankan folk music and traditions, creating a sense of arcane mysticism, marking this out as both a richly composed work with many subtle layers of emotive intent. The black metal elements reach for the high melodicism of Dissection, the fury of early Marduk, and the self-assured frigidity of the classic Norwegian acts. Performed, arranged and written with a degree of variety, consistency and above all artistry, Dhishti evince a lyrical melodic character alongside a simple but creative rhythmic flow that immediately sets “Life is Suffering” apart from recent comparable releases. Available now on limited edition CD with pit-art in classic jewel case with 8-page booklet. This album is highly recommended for all true enthusiasts who are constantly on the look for obscure but quality underground black metal releases. So claim your copy right now before it’s too late! Still Available) 280 B.- / $8


(Pro-tape) FRONT BEAST / HATI (Both Ger)

“Sell Your Soul To The Devil” Split tape ’05 (FB with 7 songs from two unreleased EPs, plus a song from the Split EP w/ Agathocles! HATI with 9 songs + Intro (rare demo tracks), a compilation of the best songs they ever did! Long playtime of 80 mins. w/ pro-printed A4 cover and exclusive u/g layout. Only 100 copies available on total pro-tape here. Sold Out)

(Embroidered patch) FLESHRIPPER (Ger)

Patch (Official great quality patch, limited to 100 pieces only! Size: 4.7 Cm x 14.5 Cm. Logo-white & red on black background. Last copies) 180 B.- / $5

(Pro-tape) TERRORAZOR (Ger)

“Ask The Dead” Demo tape ’08 (Their 7th demo with 9 tracks of absolutely raw, sick and obscure old-school death/grind massacre! Available through us as 100 pro-tapes. Sold Out)


“Kingdom of Stagnant Desecration” Tape ’08 (Only 113 hand-numbered copies pressed, exclusively by SVP. 13 tracks of Black sewage gorenoise with doom influences, from the US. Ghostly, deviant vocals with a noisy, ritualistic undertone. For fans of Beherit & Thorax Embalmer. Pro-tape w/ laser-printed coloured cover. Sold Out)

(Pro-tape) BESTHOVEN (Bra)

“Tears, Blood and Warsongs…” Tape ’09 (Dis-trax compilation from the one and only amazing war crust destruction from Brazil. 34 tracks of raw as fuck D-beat mayhem variously selected from new releases to the old classics. Highly recommended for fans of D-beat crust in general and for fans of this legendary total dis-cimex warshippers exclusively! Released by SVP & limited hand# 200 only! Still Available) 210 B.- / $6


“Persia to Aztlan (and the planets between)” Cassette EP ’16 (Rising from the dark, muddy hills of Norfolk city, Virginia, only creating and sharing music through the rise of the digital metal scene. Now it’s time for a physical release of this promising band! Influenced by bands like Sleep, Black Sabbath, Weedeater, Isis and early Clutch, these guys know how to yield filthy riffs, catchy hooks and wild vocals of doom/sludge metal with a slightly psychedelic sensation. If you like good, interesting music that is heavy, fuzzy, hazy, groovy, then you’re going to dig this band! Only 50 hand-numbered copies pressed, exclusively by SVP. Still Available) 210 B.- / $6